White water rafting is relatively new to Uganda (since 1996) but it has quickly evolved as a world-class rafting destination. Grade 4 and 5 rapids extend down the mighty River Nile for 25km and make for an unforgettable experience.

With 7 times the water volume and more grade 5 rapids than the Zambezi, Uganda’s White Nile is the new home of African white water adventure.



The home of adventure sports in Uganda is Jinja, just one hour from the capital, Kampala. Here lie the Bujagali Falls at the source of the Nile. Day or two day trips with overnight camping are offered through some of the most powerful and sustained rapids on earth.

Four rafting companies operate in this area and all maintain a 100% safety record. If things get a little too much, you can always ride in the safety boat.

Let us give you yet another thrill on your Uganda safari tour. And if rafting isn’t your cup of tea, there’s always bungee jumping, or kayaking, or river boarding!