Africa has a lot to offer besides wildlife safaris and bird watching. What journey is complete without meeting the people and cultures that belong to the place?

Cultural tours are becoming an increasingly popular part of safaris, and in many cases prove to be the highlight. Not only do cultural tours offer a chance to experience the real Africa, but organized responsibly, they directly benefit local communities.



Don’t worry, we won’t drag you around museums or treat villages like safari parks.

We take you into local communities to meet the people, talk to them and see how they live. There are opportunities to eat locally grown and prepared food, help with chores and to maybe even learn a few recipes.

Entertaining visitors is a big part of Ugandan culture and communities are always keen to show off their dance and music.

Art and crafts are of course very important and locals are eager to show (and perhaps sell) their wares to visitors.


Cultural visits are normally worked into safari tours, and are possible in the communities around many of the parks.

Of special interest is the Ndere centre in Kampala.

Cultural Visit Benefits