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Our Ugandan safaris & Tanzanian tours are rated amongst the best in East Africa and we specialize in primate, bird watching and wildlife tours.

Ranger Safari Tours is an authentic Ugandan tour operator. Every member of the our team is experienced, specialised in wildlife and tourism, and most importantly, has a passion for bio conservation.

Uganda - The Pearl of Africa

At the heart of African Safari Adventures, Uganda simply has more to offer than the rest. It is a land of outstanding beauty and astonishing contrasts - from desert plains in the North to the Impenetrable Forest at Bwindi, and with snow capped mountains to boot.

No where else can you enjoy gorilla tracking safaris, chimp tracking, birdwatching safaris and plains game drives all within a few hours. And yet in this land of surprises, one of the greatest is that Uganda remains off the usual tourist track and holds on to its title as a hidden African gem.

The Mighty Tanzania

Tanzanian safaris offer some of the wildest and most spectacular scenes in all Africa. Over a quarter of the country is given over to national parks and game reserves, which together boast over 20 per cent of Africa’s large mammal population. Add to this the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro, tropical beaches and the greatest show on earth, the annual wildebeest migration, and you can understand why Tanzania rises above its peers in African safari.

Why not combine the grandeur and big game of Tanzania with the variety and primates of Uganda in to one safari? Many customers choose this option and none regret it.

Ugandan safaris - 10 day Southwest Highlights: The best and most dramatic of Uganda's national parks. See true African rainforest, the awesome wildlife variety of Queen Elizabeth National Park and a gorilla safari tour in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Gorilla tracking in Uganda - mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. A rare chance to observe these fascinating and beautiful creatures up close. Gorilla trekking in Africa is an incredible and unmissible adventure.

Chimp tracking in Kibale Forest. This Ugandan safari tour takes you to observe chimps in their natural habitat - don't miss the opportunity..

Bird watching in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Over 600 species of bird, including the mysterious Shoebill stork.

Murchison Falls and the Mighty River Nile. The largest national park in Uganda and perhaps the most spectacular in all Africa is one of the best Ugandan safaris - just take a look.

Tanzanian safaris - 10 day Complete North: The magic of Tanzania's northern circuit. Enjoy the sheer majesty of Lake Manyara and Ngorogoro, and the spectacle of the Serengeti.

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