Interested in a Ugandan safari? Carry on reading to see why it could be one of the most exciting and beautiful holidays of your life.

If you already know why you should choose a Ugandan safari over, say, Kenyan or South African, use the menus for information on:

  • National Parks
  • Activities such as gorilla trekking
  • Itineraries that we suggest (from a 3 day Ugandan wildlife safari to a non-stop 14 day Uganda holiday)

Uganda is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa with a variety that often leaves visitors bewildered. Although it’s essentially a green and lush country, any Ugandan safari tour will show a glimpse of mountains, forests, savannahs and artfully terraced hills.

A real Uganda holiday is one that will stay with you and no doubt draw you back time and time again.



  • Half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas are found in Uganda.
  • Kibale Forest boasts the highest density of primates in the world.
  • Over 1000 species of birds including including half of all African species can be found in Uganda.
  • The Rwenzori Mountains are the highest mountain chain in Africa.
  • Ugandan wildlife includes more than 130 species of large mammal.
  • Ugandans are well known for their friendly and polite way.
  • Unlike in the more famous and well developed parks of its neighbours, a Uganda wildlife safari doesn’t involve waiting in a long line of vehicles.