Saadani National Park is a tantalising combination of tropical beach and East African game reserve. It is the only protected coastal wildlife reserve in Tanzania and brings together the best of beach holidays and traditional safari.

With large populations of hippo and flamingo, chimpanzees and elephants, this is not a standard holiday resort. Where else are you likely to come across wild elephants as you stroll along the beach?

Safari un the Beach

Saadani National Park’s proximity to Dar es Salaam makes it a popular weekend destination. Although it maintains a high diversity of wildlife, it doesn’t have the sheer quantity that attracts visitors to other more famous parks.

Ecologies range from woodland to mangrove swamps and coastal thickets. The Wami River runs through the park and feeds the swamps before emptying into the Indian Ocean.

Saadani became a national park in the 1960’s but was doubled in size in 2002 and several new species of animal were introduced to the park, including wildebeest, zebra and eland.


  • Saadani’s indigenous wildlife includes buffalo, elephant, giraffe, lion and leopard.
  • In addition to the introduced wildebeest, zebra and eland, hartebeest, waterbuck, reedbuck, greater kudu and oryx are present.
  • Large populations of hippos, crocodiles and flamingos are often encountered.
  • Elephant are commonly sighted on the beach, particularly in the early morning.
  • Marine life also plays a part here; dolphins are sometimes seen offshore and a major green turtle conservation project has been set up at Madete.
  • Birdlife is interesting with a good selection of marine and riverine bird species including mangrove kingfisher and lesser flamingo.

In addition to beach activities, we recommend game drives, guided walks and taking a boat trip.

It is also worth visiting the fishing village.

December – March for beach activities.

June – August for game viewing.

October – November for bird watching.

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