For those who enjoy being active, hiking vacations are great opportunities to experience East Africa from a different perspective. The smells and sounds of the country are sharper, nature is closer and the views stunning.

If you are interested in an international hiking holiday, why not try an East Africa hiking safari?

Afican Hiking Tours


Uganda and Tanzania offer world class hiking vacations at a variety of levels.

Most national parks offer supervised walks centred around other activities such as chimp tracking or wildlife viewing. There are also those parks however, where hiking becomes more strenuous and an adventure in itself.

Our tours include the Mountains of the Moon, Mount Elgon, Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru - all providing excellent East Africa hiking safaris for both beginners and serious mountaineers.


  • The Virunga volcanoes of Mgahinga offer three peaks (Mt. Sabayinyo; 3669m, Mt. Gahinga; 3474m and Mt. Muhayura; 4127m). These are demanding hikes but no specialist mountain climbing equipment is necessary.
  • The Rwenzori ‘Mountains of the Moon’ form Africa’s highest mountain range (5109m). Six peaks present world class hiking for both experienced hikers and mountain climbers (three glacial peaks of 5000m).
  • Mount Elgon, bordering Kenya, is perfect for those interested in an exciting climb but don’t have mountain experience. This 4321m extinct volcano is scalable in three days.
  • Tanzania offers superb hiking in the Eastern Arc Mountains and the world-renowned trails of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru await the adventurous. Beautiful one to three day trails are also well worth the effort in the Udzungwa Mountains.

When to go

Variable regional rainfall patterns make it difficult to predict the best time for hiking. However, as a rule of thumb, the wettest season in western Uganda is March to May.

So for Mgahinga and Rwenzori hikes, it is better to avoid March - May. Be warned however that it can rain at anytime.

Elgon and Tanzanian locations are generally fine for hiking all year round.


7 day Mountains of the Moon

A laid back hiking tour in the spectacular Rwenzoris of western Uganda

4 day Mount Elgon hiking holiday

An easy climb following the Sasa Route and visting the hot springs at Sipi.

6 day Kilimanjaro climb

A serious ascent of Africa's highest peak via the Machame Route.

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